Heidelinde Klein, MD

General Internal Medicine

Director of Biomedicine Center Rorschach

Born on January 13th 1967 in Melk, Lower Austria


  • Medical school, Vienna
  • Turnus Hospital Scheibbs, Lower Austria
  • Emergency physician district of Scheibbs, doctor in the complementary medicine center Dr. Fritz Roithinger, Kitzbühel, Tirol Austria
  • Physician TCM-Dungl-Center Gars Kamp, sports rehabilitation, Lower Austria
  • 2/2002 Opening biologically oriented private practice with focus on Oncology, in Maria Alm, Salzburg Austria
  • Health policy commitment as an environmental doctor, medical management project for climatological air-conditioning Maria Alm, Salzburg Austria
  • Expertise in environmental medicine
  • 2/2004 Health policy group management, Pinzgau, Salzburg Austria
  • 10/2008 Head of the Oncological Rehabilitation Center, Innsbruck, Tyrol Austria
  • 1/2010 Foundation & medical management of the health center St. Leonhard am Forst Lower Austria (focus on oncology)
  • 10/2010 Scientific co-operation with Dr. Ralf Kleef, Hyperthermia Center, Vienna Austria
  • 01/2013 Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle, Teufen Switzerland
  • 1/2017 Foundation & Medical Management Biomedicine Center, Rorschach Switzerland

Professional development

  • Specialist in General Internal Medicine
  • Medical supervision, epidemiology and health reporting, health promotion and prevention, school and youth medicine, infection hygiene, vaccination, environmental health protection, environmental hygiene and environmental medicine as well as medical assessment, psychiatry including forensically relevant questions and legal medicine
  • Emergency doctor, environmental medicine, health resort physician, school physician, Mayr physician, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Neural therapy, Orthomolecular medicine, Accompanying cancer treatment, Isopathic therapy, Applied Kinesiology
  • Diploma Natural healing procedures dental interest group, electro acupuncture according to Voll, phytotherapy, chelation therapy, hyperthermia, ultrasound abdomen