Maria Hersche

Certified Integrative Kinesiologist IKAMED

born on 23. Dezember 1965 in St. Gallen, Switzerland


  • Certificate in Integrative Kinesiology IKAMED
  • Therapist recognized by the EMR
  • Certificate of the OdA Komplementär Therapie
  • Member of KineSuisse and IK Fachverein
  • wingwave®-Coach at the IPC Akademie
  • gratuated in Business Administration (dipl. Betriebswirtschafterin HF)


  • 5-Elements-Psychology at Rosmarie Sonderegger, Zürich
  • Kinesiology & Systems in Balance after Klaus Wienert, München
  • Sports Kinesiology
  • Kinesiology & Bach Flowers Therapy
  • IK & emotional accupuncture tapping
  • various courses at Dr. Wayne Topping
  • Touch for Health I – IV, Brain Gym I & II



  • Create your own vision
  • Chakra Meditation & painting
  • 5-Elements-balancing with the rhythm of the seasons

  • Kinesiology
  • Household medicine