What is biomedicine ?

Biomedicine searches for the ROOTS of a disease and treats them.

It not only describes a therapy with natural remedies,
but also works on the enhancement of the powers of the body to heal itself;
furthermore it requires a thorough confrontation with one’s actual life and health situation.

In principle, biomedicine is treating the human being and not symptoms or diagnosis.

Biomedicine describes the human being as a unity of body, spirit and soul,
it considers the social environment (family, circle of friends, professional environment …),
the natural environment (water, soil, air, climate …)
the artificial environment (E-smog, medicines …)
as well as the philosophical beliefs.

How is a biomedical treatment working?

  1. First of all, you will be thoroughly questioned on your case history (anamnesis), followed by an extensive physical examination and innovative laboratory diagnostics. Additional methods of diagnosis like thermography, darkfield or Bioscan complete our program, however it is important to us that „less is more!“ and „good medicine does not always have to be expensive!“. Sometimes, not very much is needed for a successfull treatment.
  2. Usually we focus first on the intestine.
    „The intestine – the root of our health“.
    If necessary, we treat a bacterial overgrowth and clarify whether there is a « Leaky gut », an inflamed intestinal mucosa, a fungal contamination or a parasite infestation.
  3. A remediation of the intestine’s environment is promising. Here the darkfield diagnosis works excellently. Caused by a shift of the ph-value, the Endobionts show an upward trend and grow in pathological forms, which can, if not considered, be an obstacle for the healing progress.
  4. We treat deficits of the organism with micronutrients like minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids and secundary phytochemicals. Individual infusion therapy concepts await you.
  5. Often it is important that the functions of the mitochondrias (mitochondrias are the energy generating units of the cells), of the adrenal glands as well as the actual hormonal situation are considered.
  6. IDuring the last decades, a considerable increase of toxic stress within the body has been noted. Heavy-metal contamination with mercury, silver, aluminium, arsenic, nickel and other environmental toxins are found; so-called xeno-estrogens cause a shift of hormons into the direction of estrogens. Individual detoxification under consideration of the limited capacity of detoxification enzymes, which is the cause in 50 % of the patients, is always promising, especially in cases of chronical deceases, neurological conditions and tumor diseases.
  7. We consider possible chronic bacterial or viral stress with borrelia, streptococci, herpes virus, EBV, CMV etc.
  8. A thorough assessment of the tooth situation is important. Is there still amalgam, are there metals like titanium implants with at the same time an intolerance of titanium? Are gold and amalgam combined, a combination which would work like a batterie in the mouth? Are the inflamation sites, root canal treated teeth with a relation to an ill organ, disorders of the temporomandibular joints or functional disorders because of jaw or teeth malformations? Approximately 80% of all interfering fields are found in the area of the head. Your teeth are always worth checking!
  9. We are aware of possible mental strains, emotional stress situations, hindering dogmas or traumas and offer to assist you with individual therapies like harmonisation of the nervous system, integrative kinesiology, trauma therapy or talk therapy; this is also possible by skype if wished.
  10. Physio-therapeutical methods, massages and „energy work“ complete our concept.
  11. It is further important for us to guide you to your individual „health diet“. Do you suffer from the effects of the coeliac disease, IgG related food intolerances, intolerances of fructose, lactose, histamine or synthetic sugar ? Indivudial dietary changes are always part of the way to your recovery!
  12. Hyperthermia treatment (fever therapy) is an integral part of our treatment concept. We work with whole body hyperthermia as well as loco-regional deep hyperthermia.

We assist you on your way back to a healthy and happy life, in harmony with yourself, your environment and the nature, meaning recovery on all levels!

If you are looking for a most individual, innovative, human and promising treatment of your health problem, we are glad to assist you!

Yours ever
Dr. Heidelinde Klein

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