Ingrid Platzer

Naturopath in education


I am proud to be part of an interdisciplinary working team, where both modern and traditional medicine knowledge is used in the best interest of the patients.

Parallel to many years of office activities my way led me from aromatherapy to herbology and more and more to the plants themselves, to their inner sense and role in traditional healing. Still I am fervently exploring the primal shamanistic traditions of healing in our latitudes.

Further markers on my way are the education as a life coach with focus on sexology, 175 hours of traineeship in a drugs advice centre as well as courses in idiolectic conversation.

In my understanding each individual is pervaded with spirit and embedded in its own life context ;
this is how each encounter is an unique experience for me.

Until 11th of December 2017 I am offering full-body massages for free; these are needed for training purposes in order to get my registration on the Swiss EMR-Registry (most supplementary health insurances pay treatments of therapists which are registered on the EMR-Registry).

Thanks a lot to all people who have since August endowed me with their trust and time by volunteering as massage persons, thus enabling me to collect very efficiently the 250 training massage treatments required by the EMR.

End of February/beginning of March (the exact date will be communicated as soon as available) I will be here for you again, then also with foot reflexology massage and nutrition councelling. In the meantime I present all my best wishes to you and look forward to many further encounters.